SaveTheBird is a small endless game where you try to get the best possible highscore and it’s very easy to play. All you have to do is to save the bird’s life by evading the balls which are being shot at it. You also have to watch the borders of your screen, if your bird flies too far he’s gone. But your bird is able to defend itself by shooting eggs at the incoming balls to prevent losing. You can download it for free at the Apple AppStore.


  • Endless game: Try to get the best score
  • Level System: Rank up to increase the amount of xp you earn per game
  • Stats: See your highscore, played games, your average score and more
  • Store: Buy items to keep your bird longer alive and to get better highscores with in-game money
  • Bank: Store your in-game money there to get even more of it, so you can buy more items at the store
  • Easter Eggs: They are small but if you find them, you’re lucky
  • Daily Bonus: Return to the game to get free in-game money and store items
  • No pay to win: Everyone has the same chance to get a good score but investing money allows you to get faster high scores
  • iOS 10 support
  • iCloud support